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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p 10
Pacifica woke once again in her old bed, she was wearing an old favorite which her parents never really seemed to approve of, llama pajamas. Pajama top and bottom with llama print on it.
"Jeeves!! Can you get that?!" Pacifica called. "Jeeves?"
Either the butler was still asleep or he was busy attending to her parents. No matter what it was it looked like Pacifica was going to have to handle it herself. Shaking the grogginess away from her head, she quickly got dressed and headed for the front door.
Opening the door she found Dipper, once again on the other side.
"DIPPER!!" She almost slammed the door in his face again but managed to catch herself. In a blind panic she turned around and hid behind her hair like she did when she was Remorse.
"Pacifica? What's wrong?"
"Y-You aren't supposed to see me like this!"
It was true, Dipper had only seen Pacifica like this once. Out of all the shades he saw of Pacifica, shy only came up once and that was with Fear.
"Like what?" Dipp
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p9
Dipper stared up at the ceiling, concern on his face as he thought about Pacifica. He couldn't seem to stop, it wasn't like when he did it for Wendy. With Wendy he would think all night about how awesome he thought she was, but with Pacifica one thought just kept repeating itself: Was she okay?
No doubt the whole situation had to be embarrassing for her, and her parents, what were they going to think? Worse, what would they do to her when she returned?
"Still awake, Dippingsauce?" Mabel piped up.
"Yeah, I can't stop thinking about Pacifica. I'm worried. I mean she has a lot to think about now, and I wonder she's okay."
"Yeah, I'm sure that antidote cure didn't help. It was just like with Mermando!"
"Ugh! Please don't bring up Mermando! I did not like Mermando!"
"Yeah, about your method of curing Pacifica, by the way?"
"Sigh. Yeah?"
"You know that you could have just spat in the bottle and passed it around to them though, right?"
"Oh sure! Now you tell me!! Why does everyone only point
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p8
Dipper stared ahead with steely resolve as Soos parked the truck behind the Mystery Shack.
"Dipper, dude? Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, I know you got the cure and everything, but there's no coming back from this kind of thing."
Dipper opened the door and got out. "I have to, Soos. I can't ask anybody else to do this. Not with how the cure has to be administered."
Thankfully Dipper found his clones and the Pacificas right where he left them. Although something seemed to be a little off. Three of his clones sitting down on the ground next to each other looking altogether displeased.
Walking over to them he made sure to adjust the cure to one arm. "Hey! What's going on here?"
"Affection caught us." explained one of them.
"So watch what happens when one of us tries to leave..." another clone said. He got up and walked exactly three steps away from the others before getting tackled to the ground by Affection.
"I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY PUT!!! I...Oh! Hi Dipper. Or shou
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p7
Dipper ran to the truck while his clones charged at the Pacificas, luckily Soos opened the door for him.
Fear, completely forgetting she was still holding a cattle prodder, ran away screaming as a Dipper clone chased after her. "Don't go running in to the woods!! It's not safe!!"
Another Dipper stood parallel to Happy.
"I know exactly how to distract you long enough for Dipper Classic to get his answers!"
"Oh yeah? What's that?"
The Dipper clone held up both his hands in her direction. "Paddycake?"
Happy gave him an impressed smile. "Darn you're good!"
Affection was chasing after her Dipper clone. "Eh he hahaha ha! SO MANY DIPPERS!! SO LITTLE TIME!!"
The Dipper clone was making sure to stay just outside of her reach. "This one is probably going to be a problem."
Remorse on the other hand, wasn't even trying to do anything with her Dipper clone. She was just sitting on the ground, holding her knees, crying.
"Oh what's wrong now?"
"*Sniff* Dipper is probably going to cure me!"
"Wasn't th
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p6
Dipper managed to get back to the meeting spot even though Affection still hadn't technically let go of him. She settled for hugging his arm as they walked just so they wouldn't be late.
Arriving at the meeting place, Dipper was relieved to find the four other Pacificas and Mabel waiting for him. He was about to announce the flyer Affection found when out of nowhere Anger punched him in the arm.
"OW!! What was that for?!"
"Because!" Anger flipped her hair over her shoulder.
"Because what?!" snapped Dipper.
"Just because!!" Anger snapped back.
Dipper sent her a confused glare before turning to the others. "Affection found some very useful information, how did the rest of you fair."
While the others averted their gaze from him, Fear held up her new present. "I have a cattle prodder now!"
"Um...okay. Well don't feel too bad, thanks to Affection we know where the gypsy woman is. Now we just need to get back to the Shack so Soos can drop you girls off..."
"Hold it! Hold it!! Hold it!!" Ange
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p5
The next morning Mabel woke up to the sun caressing her face. She sat up only to find Dipper fully clothed chewing on a pen in thought, however, unlike the other times when he did this to figure something out, this time he wasn't staring at his conspiracy wall. Instead he had a map of Gravity Falls pinned up on the wall next to the door.
"Dipper? Are you okay? If you keep chewing on that pen it's going to expl..."
As Dipper put away his destroyed pen in the box of other broken 'thinking pens' Mabel gave the map a second once over and realized it wasn't a map of Gravity Falls but of the woods which surrounded the town.
"Where did you even get this map?"
"I made it." Dipper said drying his mouth with a wash cloth. "From all the times I've gone in and out of those woods I figured it would be a good idea to make one in case I ever get lost. I'm using it to try and figure out where Pacifica's gypsy woman is."
"Huh? I thought for sure you'd be looking through the journal for t
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p4
The movie eventually ended and the twelve year olds were struggling to keep their eyes open. Some more than others, the doppleganger blondes were out like a light. Mabel groggily turned off the tv.
"Come on Dipper, time to get up. I can't carry even one on my own and neither can you."
"I can not."
"What? Why not?"
"Affection, the one asleep on my lap? See how her head hasn't moved since we started watching the movie? Yeah...I can't feel my legs anymore."
"Well why didn't you try moving her?!"
"I did but her grip is stronger than you'd think."
To test this theory Mabel lifted Affection's head off of Dipper's lap only to move in to a position where she was hugging his leg.
"You see what I mean?"
"Yes indeed." Mabel rubbed her chin with her 'serious' face. "Hmmm. Oh wait! I got it!!"
She took Dipper's hat and waved it in front of Affection. She made an almost conscious grab for it, but Mabel made sure to keep it out of her grasp until she was far enough away from Dipper. Affection made a
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p3
Since then Dipper had a pretty rough day with the five Pacificas, by which one would mean he had to play 'Hide The Pacifica From Gruncle Stan'. He had a couple of close calls, including one where Affection tried to pull him in to the closet with her he was hiding her in, but thankfully he was able to pull it off with help from Mabel.
Time had past and Dipper still hadn't found anything in the journal to help the Pacificas. He chewed on his pen in thought as he continued to flip through the book. "There has to be something in here that can help..."
Dipper jumped at the sound of the very meek voice asking for attention. He put his book down to see Remorse staring up at him with puppy dog like eyes.
"Oh it's just you Remorse. You scared me."
"I'm sorry!!"
"Forget about it, you probably saved me from popping another pen. Do you need something?"
"Um the others were talking about ordering out for pizza. We were wondering if you wanted any toppings?"
Dipper clicked his pen repe
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Dipper's Five Shades of Pacifica p2
The blue Pacifica hung her head in shame. "I'm sorry about this, Dipper. We didn't know where else to go."
The red Pacifica crossed her arms glaring at Dipper. "You can fix us, right? Right?!"
The grey one seemed to shiver for a moment in fear. "Please, please, please, please tell me you can fix us!! I don't think I can live like this!!"
The yellow Pacifica just smiled taking in her surroundings. "It's not so bad. Think of all the fun we can have with FIVE of us!! You can't tell me that doesn't sound appealing!"
The Pacifica hugging Dipper now sat up, never once taking her eyes off Dipper. "Dipper is the only thing that sounds appealing to me."
Before she could lunge at him he jumped out of the way. "Okay, HOLD IT!! What is going on?! Why is there five of you?!"
"Well you see..." the grey one began. "'s this work?"
"I got this." Chirped the yellow Pacifica. "When we were one Pacifica, we went for a walk in the woods to clear our head. That's when we met an old gypsy wo
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Dipper's Five Shades Of Pacifica
Pacifica Northwest was not currently happy with her life. Everything in her life was changing so fast it was putting her emotions in a tizzy, it was enough to make her head spin.
She felt Anger at her parents for still being disapproving of her new path. She felt Fear in the possibility of falling back in to her old habits, sometimes it seemed like a balancing act when she tried to be nicer. She felt Remorse for the actions she committed in her past, in retrospect even she couldn't believe some of the things she did (she made a mental note to give Mabel a certain Party Crown back). She felt Happy in that she was actually becoming a better person, it felt good.
And the last one, the strongest one, involved a boy, a boy who the old Pacifica wouldn't have given a second thought to. Dipper Pines. The boy changed her life for the better giving her hope for the future. He made her a nicer person...which was why both her parents forbid her from seeing him, so naturally, they saw each other no
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TGCT: If Only My Teacher Was a Girl
“You scum!  How dare you cheat off of my test!”  The young woman roared like an angry tiger.
“Aaaahhh I’m sorry.  Look, I have a cute gato…”  The young man held up his sleepy cat as a shield.  “See?  Pretty kitty, kawaii neko.”  The girl clenched her fists in anger, but as she gazed into the eyes of the little cat, it all melted away.
“Nyyyaa! She’s so cute!”  she exclaimed “Oh I could just pet her all day, yes I could.” The cat purred in approval only encouraging the infatuated girl.  Soon enough the boy had a collected a small cluster of girls, overtaken by the sheer cuteness of it all.
“Class is starting gentlemen!”  Mr. Krupp announced, swiveling in his fancy teacher’s chair.  The cat petting party dispersed, all the girls joyfulling skipping to their desks.  Any anger they had cleansed by the goodness of a cute kitty.
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